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Carolyn Fisher, le Mardi 01 Mars 2016

Fabulous food exceptional and welcoming service thank yoi

Pape Hans, le Dimanche 07 Février 2016

Mon cher ami Franck,
ca fait maintenant 7 mois que je suis pas venu a Paris :-(( Toi et ton équipe me manquent enormement.Des que je serais de rétour mi février, Katrin et mois viendrons faire une bonne casse- croute (quisses de grenouilles / confit de canard ) avec notre vin préferé dans cet plus joli endroit de PARIS !
Amicalement !!!!

Lily Koo , le Samedi 23 Janvier 2016

The bone marrow with guérande salt and Foei Gras is excellent. Its simple, no frills but taste good, traditional French

Tracie W., le Mardi 24 Novembre 2015

I visited in October 2015, and was immediately appreciative of the atmosphere. In the U.S.A this style of food is known as comfort food. It means that the food is delicious, filling, inexpensive and unpretentious served in a warm inviting place (like your grandmothers kitchen!). I really enjoy eating here.

Juan Schaer, le Mardi 13 Octobre 2015

Every time my wife and I come to Paris our favorite restaurant is Petit St. Benoit wonderful food in a truly Parisian atmosphere

Terry Benoit, le Mercredi 15 Juillet 2015

My wife and I came to the restaurant on a cold, rainy day in November 1999 and were immediately warmed by the welcome and ambience. We then enjoyed a wonderful lunch. We are returning to Paris in September with our 9 year-old son and we are looking forward to a return visit to Petit St. Benoit. It will be his first trip to Paris and we are pleased to show him such a local treasure.

ROCHE Luis, le Dimanche 12 Juillet 2015

Wonderful and traditional.

Loev and don´t leave it!

Alex Alex, le Dimanche 14 Juin 2015

Salut Monsieur / Madame,

We were the three Anglais who came to your very fine restaurant last Friday night and again on Saturday afternoon. Please send our apologies to Corinne our very nice waitress. We said we would come back for "un verre" last night at about 23:00 hrs but Rob our friend (malade) was too tired and we had an early train back to London. We thought the food and Corrine were wonderful ! I hope to see you all on my next trip to Rue Jacob. Alex (alex.hall@everedge.co.uk)

Mayrhuber Michale, le Mardi 07 Avril 2015

wer ein möglichst autentes und preiswertes restaurant sucht ist hier richtig.
ausgesprochen freundliche und sehr bemühtes personal, einfache jedoch ausgezeichnete küche.
meine empfehlung - froschschenkel aus vorspeise, danch entenkeule mit kartoffelpüree, dazu eine flasche savignon blanc - toller espresso und auch der amagnac ist sehr zu empfehlen.
wir werden sicher wiederkommen

Mike S, le Mercredi 21 Janvier 2015

Authentic as can be. This is the place to unwind, unravel and enjoy your life in classic Paris.

Luca Rossi, le Lundi 15 Septembre 2014

Bonjour, je viens de manger dans votre restaurant sur la soiree' du 10 Septembre et revint vendredi' 12 avant de retourner en Italie. Il fut une grande experience a' la fois pour la nourriture et l'atmosphere de la salle... Tous merveilleux! Une curiosite' indiscrete: e possible de savoir comment le nom de la serveuse blonde qui m'a servi le premier soir? Merci pour tout

Valerie Applegate, le Lundi 01 Septembre 2014

Thank you for our delicious dinner tonight. This is our last night in Paris. We wish we had found you 4 nights ago. We have had what could only be described as rubbish over priced pretentious junk until tonight. Thank you, continue delivering great food!

Kevin Gough, le Mardi 26 Août 2014

We were there in the start of August and I hope we will be back in the Start of September...loved it!!

Patricia Thompson, le Mercredi 18 Juin 2014

My third delicious dinner with you was last week and I can't wait for my next trip to Paris so I can call in for a fourth wonderful meal and your warm friendly welcome!

Peter Li, le Samedi 05 Avril 2014

I am from Hong Kong and came to the city for the Marathon de Paris. By chance I visited the restaurant the night before the race. Everything about the restaurant is great - the atmosphere, the quality & the portion of the food, the service, and the price is reasonable. For me it's the perfect place for carbo-loading with a French touch. Sadly the restaurant is closed on Sunday. Now, where should I go for my post-race lunch?

James McLean, le Samedi 22 Mars 2014

I always recommend this place to anyone visiting Paris. it's like dining in a photograph by Eugene Atget.

Liam Farrell, le Vendredi 21 Février 2014

We found the restaurant by chance, walking on a rainy October night. Wonderful tasty food, wonderful ambiance - a true parisian bisto. Thanks to hostess for letting us take the bottle of house wine back with us!

Leslie Brown, le Jeudi 02 Janvier 2014

Lovely surroundings, knowledgable staff make a fun experience. We're joy a meal on our way back to Paris in a month and your restaurant is high on our list.

(Switzerland) André, le Dimanche 13 Octobre 2013

Christopher Davis, le Vendredi 30 Août 2013

Merci - etait la bon chance a descouvert ce tres famous restaurant a la premiere nuit dans La Cite de la Lumiere! Perhaps not the first night ever, but the first in many years! From the traditional for hire accordionistes in the street to the hot pot boeuf Bourgogne, what a great find on the terasse! What magic awaits in doors?

Bill and Lilly Wilson, le Vendredi 19 Juillet 2013

We are Australians who have been visiting Paris for some months each year since 1982 and we were fortunate enough to visit Petit St Benoit on one of our very early visits. We have dined at many of the Michelin Star restaurants and most of them are great but we keep coming back to Petit St Benoit when we just want a delightful meal at a very reasonably cost in delightful surroundings with wonderful staff (who seem to be getting younger as the years go by!).
Many thanks to all the chefs, staff and management for the pleasure you have given us over the past 30 plus years.

Rivet Benoît, le Mardi 18 Juin 2013

Baumann Karl, le Vendredi 14 Juin 2013

Karl Baumann, le Vendredi 14 Juin 2013

Joan Smith, le Vendredi 07 Juin 2013

We have been coming to Paris every year since 1998. This is the only place we eat while we are here. Great food, reasonably priced and wonderful atmosphere

Nathan Grigsbey, le Jeudi 06 Juin 2013

Wow. What a wonderful thing too do. The waitresses are caauutteee(: loved this fine dining. Bravo, and bonboyage!!!!!! See you all next year,,, mercy mercy Too all. (mercy means bye in French.) also, loved my bang four my buck!! Whata gr8 deal!!!! Realing in the bait too all future clients. (:(:(:(:(:(:(:

Martel Sylvie & Peter, le Vendredi 10 Mai 2013

Levesque Pierrick et Zoé, le Lundi 08 Avril 2013

Julie Barban, le Lundi 25 Février 2013

Came here Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013 with my group (8 youth, 4 adults). Loved it!!

John Kg, le Dimanche 24 Février 2013

wonderfull as ever our children now love it!

Auberjonois Claire, le Jeudi 31 Janvier 2013

Julia LOBCPDivJagdEo, le Mardi 22 Janvier 2013

It informational resource, I'll bookmark it and visit it again!

John Gavin, le Mercredi 12 Décembre 2012

Incroyable! This website has no address, no phone number -- no way to find the restaurant at all. Also, no menu and no wine list. I've heard that it's a wonderful restaurant, and I do hope to dine there, but the website is just plain stupid!

Adam Serge, le Mercredi 14 Novembre 2012

Russell Janet, le Vendredi 02 Novembre 2012

Merci for another perfect evening of fantastic food and service. Viva la boeuf bourgognone - impeccable !

Kiernan Kevin & Aidine, le Dimanche 23 Septembre 2012

One of the jewels of St. Germain des Pres. The fare and the service are always superb. We've been coming here for the past 25 years, and we are never disappointed.

Ivonne Paez, le Samedi 28 Juillet 2012

este lugar es magnifico,la comida ,la atencion,el decorado,hacen de este sitio un lugar acogedor y especial y recomendable.Merci beaucoup,a todo el personal del petit sant benoit. volveremos

La famille greque La famille greque, le Mercredi 04 Juillet 2012

Merci beaucoup. Nous avons exellement manger toutea le trois fois. Vous etes notres referance.christos

MIZOU , le Vendredi 01 Juin 2012


Luke Brandy, le Jeudi 12 Avril 2012

I would like to purchase a gift certificate for my wife who will be visiting in October. Is this possible? Thanks!

GONZALEZ EDWARD, le Jeudi 22 Mars 2012


Happy , le Mercredi 21 Mars 2012

Wound up there on a whim, loved our dear waiter whose every suggestion was perfect. Duck was memorable. Waiter introduced us to our tablemates, made us comfortable, made us happy, made us laugh. We loved the beauty of it all. Later found out it had been recommended to me by the editor of a film magazine, a real expert.

Pascal Dethier, le Lundi 27 Février 2012

RENIER Jean, le Mardi 17 Janvier 2012

Andrea Bianchi, le Mercredi 16 Novembre 2011

Ho un dolce ricordo della cena al Petit Sint Benoit. Una cena fantastica, les escargots di antipasto favolose, un entrecote tenero e saporito. Il Bordeaux commovente. L'atmosfera tipica di Parigi e del Quartiere Latino.
Il posto giusto per una cena francese senza spendere troppo.

Vanhumbeeck Jacky, le Lundi 14 Novembre 2011

Casave Maria, le Jeudi 10 Novembre 2011

Excellent!!! We wanted to have a " very french dinner" and we did, from the house wine, the bread, the escargots and the "confit de canard" everything was "superb". Excellent service too...

Micros Nicholas, le Jeudi 06 Octobre 2011

Altomani Antonio, le Vendredi 30 Septembre 2011

Faucher Anne, le Mercredi 14 Septembre 2011

Bill & Leslie Brown, le Vendredi 02 Septembre 2011

Have eaten here every time in Paris since 2000. Looking forward to our upcoming visit, staying at the Hotel Crystal and eating our first night at Le Petit Benoit.

Reservation (for 2) please for the 20th of October 2011 at 2000h.

Brown William, le Vendredi 19 Août 2011

We have dined here during every trip to paris and have never been disappointed.

Food is excellent and service is quick and pleasant.

Zampieri Alberto, le Jeudi 28 Juillet 2011

Seite Arnaud, le Lundi 25 Juillet 2011

Dro , le Lundi 11 Juillet 2011

Super cool, super bon! M I A M!

Jay Sproul, le Lundi 13 Juin 2011

First visit was in 1979 when run by two old-country type women. Go there every time in Paris. Haven't been in 3-4 years so hope it is just as wonderful. jun 12, 2011

B G, le Lundi 06 Juin 2011

Zucchelli Piero, le Vendredi 29 Avril 2011

un bistrot de reve...

Alex EFbBVpEdb, le Dimanche 24 Avril 2011

Wow! Great thikning! JK

Claire Davidson, le Samedi 23 Avril 2011

First visit was in March 2009 and had to return when back in Paris in April 2011. The food and wine were just as good as 2 years ago. Can't recommend enough. Will definitely be back!

Giovanni canestrelli Giovanni, le Jeudi 21 Avril 2011

Chalita Luis, le Mercredi 20 Avril 2011

Next time in Paris? May 2011. Of course another dinner at Petit Saint Benoit. Is not a rule. Is a great pleasure, always.

Pecchenino Mauro, le Dimanche 27 Mars 2011

Pecchenino Mauro, le Dimanche 27 Mars 2011

Roberta Ball, le Mardi 15 Mars 2011

Have been here many times. LOVE
Ile Flottant. Never had it better anywhere else. Is Mingo still there? Bringing my granddaughters in April.

Muhammad PRATAMA, le Lundi 28 Février 2011

I had dinner last year with a women that is now my wife, great great french restaurant. FOOD was great, waitress was friendly (not like other restaurant) just dont forget to bring cash because they dont accept credit card.

Guth Patrice, le Dimanche 20 Février 2011

j'ai tres bien connue le petit st benoit en 1976 - 1978 comme cuisinier belle epoque

Name AGImnbAVKivhc, le Samedi 05 Février 2011

Thank You,

Dan Gammon, le Vendredi 10 Décembre 2010

Dined there last in 1975. Good food and the wait staff were pleasant, all female of a certain age, which was and probably still is in Paris.

Joshua Manshtein, le Vendredi 19 Novembre 2010

Paulo , le Lundi 15 Novembre 2010

Estive aqui em 2008 e vou voltar agora

Bill & Julia Wallace-King, le Mercredi 10 Novembre 2010

Just as good as on our last visit to Paris two years ago. We ate here on our first evening and it set the scene for another great visit. We took Parisian friends who also loved the restaurant and thought the food excellent. We really look forward to our next visit. Thank you.

Luis Faria, le Vendredi 22 Octobre 2010

Last time i was there was in september 2007. I still remember everything we ate.

Marty Gould, le Mardi 28 Septembre 2010

My wife had a wonderful meal in March 2010, great food, great staff and some very nice diners who were happy to chat in an informal atmosphere, thoroughly enjoyable.We will be back.

Gerald Zahn, le Jeudi 23 Septembre 2010

A trop to Paris is incompelte without a visit to this place. Just seeing it puts a smile on my face.

Sabina Zonno, le Lundi 20 Septembre 2010

Danielle , le Lundi 13 Septembre 2010

Antonin-Bosquet Frédéric, le Jeudi 15 Juillet 2010

Cappon Andre, le Vendredi 04 Juin 2010

mon bistro favori
symbole parisien!

William Brown, le Vendredi 26 Mars 2010

Can't say enough about this bistro but I can say that I and my wife will be there for our 4th visit this coming April 2010. Can hardly wait! This place is what Paris is all about.

Pierre Dominique, le Mercredi 10 Mars 2010

Helena Cardoso, le Dimanche 07 Février 2010

Ryan Savage, le Vendredi 22 Janvier 2010

Ate there at least three times in 2009. Food is great , not fancy but traditional country cooking. Very reasonable prices with excellent service. You know it is good because of all the locals

Galvão Deise , le Samedi 16 Janvier 2010

Stradella Alessandro, le Mardi 29 Décembre 2009

Novembre 2009
Quando sono a Parigi, non mi faccio mai mancare un serata in questo posto straordinario.
Mitico, in inverno, il pot au feu.

Yolande, le Jeudi 17 Décembre 2009

TEYSSONNEAU XAVIER, le Lundi 14 Décembre 2009


Name ErmQVyPiREPe, le Lundi 14 Décembre 2009


Azevedo Marcia, le Mardi 03 Novembre 2009

Pessoa Adriana, le Lundi 02 Novembre 2009

Fraser McGhee, le Mardi 06 Octobre 2009

Last visited in 2005 when my wife and I had a most memorable lunch. Heading back to Paris next Wednesday and plan to pay another visit (with kids this time!). Can't wait! Wonder if they still do the Fish Pie...best ever! Love the whole atmosphere of the place..no nonsense French cuisine.

Alexb652 Itpwroei, le Mercredi 30 Septembre 2009

Very nice site!

John James, le Jeudi 27 Août 2009

My wife and I ate here three times in 2006. The duck is magnificent. We recommend it to anyone visiting Paris and nobody has been disappointed

William Brown, le Samedi 22 Août 2009

Having stayed at the Hotel Du Danube several times, I was able to find this extremely pleasant restaurant that combines wonderful food, great service,very reasonable prices - a rare treat!

Prat Chlorine, le Vendredi 21 Août 2009

James McLean, le Mardi 16 Juin 2009

I ate here twice in a 1994 visit to Paris and recommend it to everyone.

Martin Bobak, le Mercredi 01 Avril 2009

We have discovered this restaurant when my wife was pregnant, and we fell in love with the place. Whenever I am in Paris (not often enough), I eat in Petit St Benoit as often as I can. For me, this is the best restaurant in Paris. A treat!

Ardhuin Zoé, le Vendredi 20 Février 2009

CARRET JOSETTE, le Mercredi 17 Décembre 2008

Bill & Julia Wallace-King, le Dimanche 30 Novembre 2008

We visited again this November. As ever, totally wonderful. It's what we do pretty well the moment we arrive from England on the Eurostar, and it always sets the tone for a fantastic stay in Europe's most interesting and vibrant capital city. Thank you for another great meal in a unique atmosphere. We look forward to the next one!

Matteo Liut, le Vendredi 10 Octobre 2008

sono stato a parigi diverse volte.
dieci anni fa, con mia moglie, ho scoperto questo ristorante.
grande cucina da bistrot, prezzi contenuti e autentica atmosfera parigina.

Stan Hall, le Mercredi 17 Septembre 2008

Having dined delightfully at le Petite St. Benoit during my first visit to Paris, I've returned with on every subsequent visit, of which the next should be about 3 weeks hence. Yummy!

Holt Claire, le Jeudi 11 Septembre 2008

J'ai dejeune chez vous a la terrasse avec mes amis,nous sommes touristes d'australie,aujourd'hui je recois un message de mes emfants et petits enfants qui eux aussi ont le grand plaisir de deguster votre savoureuse cuisine

Melle Plume, le Lundi 12 Novembre 2007

Yung Eva, le Vendredi 26 Octobre 2007

Greenberg Keren & Ran, le Lundi 22 Octobre 2007

A very special place
good food!!! cool atmosphere, charming service! a real plesure in midlle of Paris!
We will visit you again soon! that's sure :-)

Vincent, le Lundi 08 Octobre 2007

Richard, le Jeudi 27 Septembre 2007

C'est bien d'avoir su garder ce lieu. Que de souvenirs avec Jean Yann et Delon avant d'aller s'encanailler au Montana plus haut dans la rue. En plus on mange toujours aussi bien. Continuez !!!

Allisson et Gilles , le Lundi 10 Septembre 2007

Lohla, le Lundi 02 Juillet 2007

Gordon Brice, le Lundi 25 Juin 2007

Tout simplement super !

Paola Pastorino and Co., le Mardi 12 Décembre 2006

Tandberg Laleh & John, le Jeudi 30 Novembre 2006

Splendid, extraodinary ...only compliments! Can't wait to go back.

Gribiche Marcel, le Jeudi 16 Novembre 2006

Kochbati Félix, le Mardi 14 Novembre 2006

Dupond Jean, le Mercredi 03 Mai 2006


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